Jari Boldrini


Jari Boldrini, trained at the Opus Ballet school in Florence, Italy, and Giulio Petrucci, a graduate of the Teatro alla Scala ballet school, have collaborated separately with various Italian and foreign international entities and have worked together with authors Fabrizio Favale, Cristina K. Rizzo, Virgilio Sieni and Stefano Questorio.

Despite their different backgrounds they were brought together by their common interests, which over time laid the foundations of a strong friendship over time. Their various daily and work experiences together nurtured their artistic thinking, which led them to start C.G.J. Collective Giulio e Jari in 2018. The collective is a research project of performative formats, which focuses attention on the body and movement and observes the many aspects hidden in the everyday life of every culture. In 2020 they were supported by Simona Bertozzi’s Nexus Factory and Anghiari Dance Hub, and in the same year they won the Danza&Danza award as emerging performers. With the project “Evento” they were selected for the Vetrina Anticorpi XL 2020, Anghiari Dance Hub 2020 and the Twain_DirezioniAltre 2020 award. Thanks to ResiDanceXL 21, they embarked on their second creation, Pas de deux, which gained production support after they won DNA Appunti coreografici 2021.